Biotechnology is one of the youngest industries in the world with significant impact on many essential aspects of everyday life such as healthcare and agriculture. The biotechnology industry is also one of the fastest growing industries with revenues expected to reach US$262 billion in 2013. However, many small biotechnology firms which are research and development intensive and operate primarily with venture capital and grants, faces the major impediment of converting biotechnology opportunities into tangible outcomes.

This is known as the “commercialization chasm” that divides the early stage “proof of concept” from the latter stage translation of the technology to a product or service.

Heng Fai Enterprises will enter the biotechnology industry with a gamechanging strategy to overcome this barrier.

We will actively identify exciting new biotechnology opportunities through our extensive network and seek to establish a collaborative alliance with biotechnology firms to co-develop the technology.

Our key strength is our existing strong alliances and networks which we will leverage on to essentially “incubate” the technology and apply our expertise, resources and funding to fast-track the development of the product or service to successful commercialization.

Heng Fai’s strategy of collaborative development of potential biotechnology breakthroughs on a global basis will ensure exponential increase in shareholder value for our investors.

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