Global ecommerce has grown 13% annually over the past five years and crossed US$1 trillion for the first time in 2012. To top it off, Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba recorded US$3 billion in sales in a single day. With world internet penetration rate at a record 34.3%, ecommerce has become a vital part of any retailer’s multi-channel strategy and never before has the world witnessed such explosive growth in ecommerce.

Heng Fai Enterprises will enter ecommerce to actively identify exciting new ecommerce opportunities through our extensive network. We will conduct our due diligence prudently and act decisively to establish a collaborative alliance with ecommerce firms to co-develop major ideas.

Our key strength is our existing strong alliances and networks which we will leverage on to essentially “incubate” the ideas and apply our expertise, resources and funding to fast-track the development of the product or service to successful commercialization.

Heng Fai’s strategy of collaborative development of potential ecommerce innovation on a global basis will ensure exponential increase in shareholder value for our investors.

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