Financial Services

Since taking over two separate U.S. financial institutions in the 1980s, Fai Chan has developed a special interest in this sector. He lived in Wall Street for more than 20 years and prior to that, had owned a securities company in Hong Kong. In recent years, his special attention is focused on the areas of financial restructuring, syndication, fund management management and risk management. Here are some of the companies in this sector that he is currently building up.

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BM Intelligence Securities Limited

BM Intelligence Group is a dynamic and rapidly expanding organisation specialising in business, financial and corporate consultancy as well as investment and wealth management services. The Company, founded in 1995, has grown from a small corporate …

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Kinetic Algo International

The stocks markets of today are continuously changing and evolving. We believe understanding of market movements is the key to profitability. Kinetic Algo International puts strong focus in developing quantitative algorithms that emphasizes on …

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BMI Capital Partners

BMI Capital Partners is past off BM Intelligence Group  A ONE-STOP services for listed companies  BM Intelligence Group, founded in 1995, specializes to provide “ONE-STOP” tailor-made corporate consultancy services to listed …

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