Future Development

Future Projects are for informational purposes only. These projects are still at a very early stage of design conceptualisation. The final development of these projects is dependent on securing appropriate land tenders and financing.

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Chinese Courtyard

A fusion design concept, the Chinese Courtyard has been envisioned as premium luxury villa housing. Marrying modern Italian style with a traditional Chinese housing layout, the Chinese Courtyard will have four large bungalows of two storeys each …

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SingXpress Tower

SingXpress Tower has been envisioned to add a new dimension to contemporary city living, countouring Singapore skyline with smart engineering and aesthetic design. This green residential and office skyscraper design is intended to help preserve the …

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The Tree Tower

An iconic design that celebrates an ancient Asian concept of nature bounty, the Tree Tower has been envisioned to deliver a first-of-its kind luxury apartment block in Singapore. Built like a tree trunk, symbolising a popular concept of life and …

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